Benefits of Vinyl Siding for your Home

Benefits of Vinyl Siding for your Home

Vinyl Siding Is An Energy-Efficient, Eco-Friendly Solution For Protecting Your Home

If it's time to plan for installing new siding on your home, take the time to do some research on the newer vinyl siding products available on the market today. You will probably be surprised at the beautiful styles and finishes available from siding products that cost significantly less (typically between half and two-thirds of the cost of wood siding) to purchase and install, and you'll enjoy lower costs over the lifetime of your vinyl siding, as ProTeK Construction can install new vinyl siding on your home.well.
  • Durable Protection - Your home's exterior withstands a lot of abuse from the environment, from blazing summer sun to high winds, hail, rain, and plenty of snow and ice. Vinyl siding will stay beautiful and resist damage through all kinds of weather. Many vinyl siding products are warranted for decades, and some manufacturers offer transferrable warranties, so if you sell your home, the new owners get the same customer support you did. On average, it brings about a 70 percent return on investment, so whether you're considering selling in the near-term, or maybe 10 years down the line, your home will still have the same beautiful curb appeal.
  • Energy Efficient - Houses clad in vinyl siding maintain their indoor temperature with less effect from the weather outside, so they use less energy for heating and air-conditioning. Even homes with insulated walls get better efficiency and reduced thermal transfer, especially if it's been some time since their wall insulation was installed, because it can settle and become less effective over time. Even in newer homes with more recently installed insulation, the wall studs can create thermal transfer between your living space and outdoors. All vinyl siding improves insulation, and insulated vinyl siding often increases energy efficiency so much that it qualifies for energy tax credit program, so you'll save money on your taxes, as well as your energy bill.
  • Eco-Friendly - Unlike wood, shingle, or stucco siding, vinyl siding will never need to be painted or stained. All it takes to maintain vinyl siding is periodic inspection and soft washing with environmentally safe products. It is made with up to 80 percent recycled material, and when it's time to replace, about 95 percent of the siding material is recyclable, which results in far less landfill waste. Your home gets a beautiful makeover that will look brand-new for years, with less environmental impact.
  • Variety & Style - Vinyl siding comes in an astounding variety of styles and colors to suit your taste and the style of your home. From scalloped, Victorian-style shingles to the look of cedar shake, or a clean, simple clapboard, and dozens of available colors, vinyl siding has attractive options for every home and family. The color is mixed into the vinyl material, so it's not just a surface treatment that will wear off over time. Your home won't need touch-ups to stay as beautiful as the day you install your new siding.

Lasting Beauty, Dependable Protection, And Serious Cost Savings

Give your home a beautiful makeover that will last for decades and provide a comfortable indoor environment, while delivering substantial savings today and over the life of your home. Choose premium products for best selection and warranties. Contact ProTek Construction to learn more about our Vinyl Siding Services.

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