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A beautiful deck adds value, comfort and character to any home. While there is no arguing the enjoyment of a deck for relaxing and socializing, the maintenance can be a real bear. Whether you’re looking for high-quality wood, or a new composite material that is virtually maintenance-free, ProTek Construction specializes in design and installation of quality decking to suit any style and budget.

Why You Need Decking & Railing Services

Is your existing deck in need of repair or replacement? Or do you want to install a brand new deck?


When You Need Decking & Railing Repair & Replacement:


  • Your deck is failing – loose, warped or rotted boards, or large splinters that cannot be safely sanded and painted.
  • Your railing is unsafe – wobbly railing or dated slats that aren’t up to code could pose a safety risk.
  • You’re tired of the maintenance – if annual staining, painting and sealing is becoming too tiresome, you may be ready to update to a composite deck.
ProTek Construction offers decking and railing home improvement services.
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When You Need New Decking & Railing Installation:

  • You want to build a new deck where there isn’t one currently – working with a reputable deck builder is important to designing and building a deck that seamlessly integrates with your home and landscaping.
  • You’re building a custom home – again, you want a deck that integrates with the home, rather than something that looks like an after-thought.
  • You want to add onto an existing deck – if you’re not planning to replace the existing deck, the new structure needs to match the old in terms of material, architecture and color.

Benefits Of Decking Installation Or Replacement

The Chicagoland climate makes it possible to enjoy a deck three seasons out of the year, especially if you incorporate an outdoor fireplace for fire pit for chilly spring and fall evenings. This means a deck essentially extends your home’s living space and becomes a practical – and enjoyable – outdoor “room.”


The average cost of a wood deck in our region is around $10,000, while a composite deck adds about $7,000 to the cost. Homeowners can expect a return of around 67% and 56%, respectively. While the ROI is not as high as other exterior home projects, the main purpose of adding a deck is for personal family enjoyment, not resale value.


Today’s composite decking material is virtually maintenance-free. While it is more expensive to install initially, it will last 25-30 years or longer and does not require annual maintenance costs aside from washing. A traditional wood deck will last about 10-15 years, is susceptible to weather damage, insect damage and rot, and requires annual sealing and stripping every 5 years.

Composite Decking

If your goal is to spend quality time on your deck with family and friends versus maintaining and cleaning, composite decking is a perfect option for you. Here are some reasons to consider composite decking:


  • • Low maintenance
  • • No staining needed
  • • No rotting or insect infestation
  • • No warping
  • • Safe for bare feet
  • • Recycled materials used

Working With ProTek Construction For Decking & Railing Services

Trust the ProTek team to help you design a gorgeous composite decking system for your backyard that is professionally installed to avoid gaps, crumbling, sagging or mildew build-up. With accent stripes, diagonals, and contrasting colors, your deck can be fully customized to match your home and personal preference.


When you partner with ProTek for decking and railing services in Naperville, you get access to our premium suppliers like TAMKO, Trex, Azek and TimberTech, so that you can feel confident that the products will be high-performance, eco-friendly and warrantied for 25 years.


If you need decking and railing services in Naperville, contact ProTek Construction at (331) 444-7380 for a free inspection and estimate.

We Work With Premium Suppliers.


Working with our premium suppliers like TAMKO, Trex, Azek and TimberTech, we can help you design and install a gorgeous composite decking system for your backyard. Accent stripes, diagonals, and contrasting colors can be added to enhance aesthetics. Feel confident that the products will be high-performance, eco-friendly and enhance your living experience around your home.


 Trust the ProTek team to professionally install the deck correctly to avoid gaps, crumbling, sagging or mildew build-up. With 25 year warranties from our suppliers, you can make lasting memories on a beautiful deck for years to come.

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