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Gutters In Naperville

Gutters connect your roofline to the soffit and carry rain and melting ice through the downspouts and away from the house. Choosing the right type of gutters and installing them properly allows your home’s exterior to maintain its purpose for drainage and enhanced curb appeal.


Whether you need gutter replacement, or new gutter installation, ProTek Construction can educate you on the variety of product choices and necessary efficiency in the design of your gutter system. Feel confident in Protek to help you select and install gutters to add value to your home and avoid future problems.

Why You Need Gutter Repair Or Replacement Installation

Harsh weather that moves through your neighborhood can damage your gutters and downspouts before you even know a problem exists. As snow melts from your roof and runs into your gutters, a sudden freeze can stop the water in its tracks, causing ice dams to buildup in your gutters, blocking drainage, and weakening and breaking gutters if the dams become too large. Gutters can also fail as the years go by due simply to age or continual clogging. Here are some signs to look for that indicates you may need gutter replacement:


  • Ice dams in the gutters
  • Roof mold and mildew build-up
  • Visibly damaged, sagging or clogged gutters
  • Soil erosion around the house
  • Foundation exposure and cracking
  • Dry-rot on fascia boards, soffits and weakened roof shingles
  • Moldy, warped or rotted siding

Benefits Of Gutter Repair Or Replacement

The main problem with failing gutters is the risk for water damage. Water can build up on your roof and form leaks, it can run down the side of your house and get behind siding causing rot and mold to take hold, and it can cause serious drainage and erosion issues around the foundation of your home if not properly routed away from the home.


From the homeowner maintenance side, cleaning clogged gutters, reattaching sagging sections, and ensuring proper downspout length and drainage direction can go a long way toward mitigating some of the common problems caused by failing gutters.


However, when gutters become cracked or otherwise irreparably damaged due to harsh weather, or they are an eyesore impacting your curb appeal, professional installation of new gutters will ensure protection against water damage and improve your home’s value. The key is to select the right type of gutter system for your home and climate.

Working With ProTek Construction For Gutter Installation & Replacement

ProTek Construction in Naperville specializes in designing highly-functional and aesthetically-pleasing gutter systems for homes throughout Chicagoland. We have extensive experience working with gutters in this region, and we know what materials and installation techniques are needed for gutters to stand up to our harsh Midwestern winters.


We work with top names in the industry, including Tamko Building Products and Mastic Home Exteriors by Ply Gem, to ensure homeowners receive the highest quality products backed with the best manufacturer warranties.


With a warranty on ProTek’s expert installation as well, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment will last many years to come while playing the vital role of protecting your home and yard against water damage.


If you think you need gutter replacement or installation, contact ProTek Construction for a free in-home evaluation and estimate. Our estimators will conduct a thorough exam to identify potential water damage and whether gutter installation is needed.

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