Roof Replacement Naperville

Roof Replacement Naperville

For over 30 years, ProTek Construction has been providing some of the best roof replacement Naperville has to offer. We work hard to establish good relationships with some of the best roofing suppliers, to provide you with the best materials and services available. At ProTek Construction, we consult with you to find out your unique needs and work diligently to meet and surpass those needs.

For more information on our roof replacement Naperville services or the many other services we provide, such as siding and interior restoration, call us today at (331) 444-7380 for a free inspection and estimate. Your home is our home, so your 100% satisfaction is an absolute must.

ProTek Construction Roof Replacement Naperville

There are many reasons to replace your roof and the most important one is safety. A damaged or old roof can pose a potential safety risk. It won’t be able to efficiently protect you from the elements and in severe storms, the risk may be greater. A damaged roof also poses the potential for further damage, mold and rotting materials, resulting in you shelling out more money for repairs.

Another issue with a damaged or worn/old roof is that it is an eye sore. It diminishes the value of your home and if you are in the market to sell, the worn roof isn’t doing you any favors. A professionally installed roof using premium asphalt shingles can have warranties that are up to 50 years and standard shingles typically last 15 to 20 years. Unless you plan to remain in your home indefinitely, the standard shingles provide a very good lifespan for such a crucial part of your home.

Roof Replacement Naperville Services

If you want experienced contractors that have established relationships with some of the best suppliers in the industry or if you have any questions call the experts of ProTek Construction at (331) 444-7380 today!