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Storm Restoration Services & Damage Repair In Naperville

If your neighborhood has experienced severe weather in the last 12 months, a professional evaluation of your home’s exterior can uncover storm damage. Keep in mind that not all storm damage is as obvious as missing shingles and dented siding; a small leak that goes unnoticed could cause substantial damage over time. To avoid more expensive repairs down the road, have your home evaluated for damage after storm season.

Why Should You Assess Your Home for Storm Damage?

When hail hits your roof or the wind flexes and bends the shingles, it loosens asphalt shingle granules and compromises the integrity of your roof. Beneath what the naked eye can see, fiberglass membranes may have cracked, allowing water to seep in to your home’s attic or walls. Over time, this leads to further roof deterioration, and ultimately interior major leaks and roof problems.


Siding, soffits, gutters and decking can all be similarly damaged by wind, hail and ice, causing damage that allows moisture to sneak into your home undetected. It could take days, weeks or months for leaks to appear, but once you see wall damage, carpet damage, or notice a mold or mildew smell, the interior damage has begun.


Catching storm damage and having your home’s exterior restored before it affects the inside of your home can significantly reduce your repair costs.


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You may qualify for restoration coverage under your insurance policy.

That’s where ProTek can help reduce the stress of the insurance claims process.

Benefits Of Storm Restoration

Aside from the obvious – making your home safe, habitable and comfortable – storm restoration that results in a new roof or siding can also increase the value of your home. This is particularly useful if you plan to sell in the near future; even more so if your homeowners insurance covered the repairs.


The key is to partner with a reputable, professional contractor like ProTek Construction for the repairs. With more than 30 years experience and an industry leading 15 year craftsmanship warranty, you are guaranteed of a quality job done right the first time, unlike some “fly by night” contractors who pop up after storms and don’t stand behind their work. Your home is our home so 100% satisfaction is a must!


If you find that the repair or replacement is necessary, ProTek uses top rated materials that have long term or lifetime warranty. Your #1 asset is your home, so protecting it from future damage is crucial to maintain or enhance its value. Making your home safe and reliable before the next threatening weather system is ProTek’s #1 goal for YOUR peace of mind.


Working With ProTek For Storm Restoration

If you have immediate and visible damage, call ProTek as soon as possible to evaluate the extent of damage and make temporary repairs until we coordinate with your insurance company.


If you qualify for storm restoration coverage under your insurance policy, ProTek can help reduce the stress of the insurance claims process by working closely with adjusters to assess and verify the damage. Our teams of qualified specialists will inspect your roof, siding, windows and gutters and assist throughout the entire claims process at NO COST to you. We provide you with ongoing updates and are available anytime for your questions or concerns.


If you’ve sustained roofing, siding, soffit, and/or decking damage from severe weather, contact ProTek Construction in Naperville at (331) 444-7380 for a FREE inspection and estimate on storm restoration services.


If your neighborhood has experienced severe weather in the last 12 months, you should consider evaluating the exterior of your home.


Looking for curb appeal? Your home exterior can be enhanced with affordable charm to get noticed without exceeding your budget to bring value into a comprehensive new look.


Who we partner with matters! We only use high-quality siding products that build greater equity into your home than the cost of the improvement.

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