Protecting Your Roof From The Sun | Naperville Roofing Contractor

Protecting Your Roof From The Sun | Naperville Roofing Contractor

Tips From A Roofing Contractor: Protecting Your Roof From The Sun

To protect your skin from the sun's rays, you put on sunscreen to avoid burning. Unfortunately, there is no spray-and-go sunscreen for your roof to protect it from the sun's harsh UV rays, even on cloudy days. Keeping your roof in good condition will ensure many years of reliable service and protection. Knowing what type of damage to look for can help you schedule repairs before more costly damage occurs.

How Does The Sun Damage Your Roof?

Just like UV rays dry out your skin, they pull the oils from the roof as well. Over time, your roof may lose its waterproofing characteristics, and be more vulnerable during a hail or wind storm, causing shingles to come loose or fly off. The sun's intense heat speeds up the damage done by UV rays, furthering weakening the roofing system. When air heats up and cools down, your roof expands and contracts. This happens every day, season after season. The good news is that roofs are built to work in this way, and allowing for expansion actually extends the life of your roof. Still, even the best roofs have a finite lifespan and can only take so many years of sun exposure and expansion before they begin showing signs of wear.

How To Check The Condition Of Your Roof

Checking the condition of your roof every year is extremely important. Summer or fall are the best seasons to check for damage from spring storms and ensure that the roof is in top condition to weather another harsh Chicago winter of ice, snow and freezing temperatures. Check your roof and home's exterior for the following:
  • ProTek offers roofing contractor services to the Chicagoland area.Are roofing shingles in good condition? Are any missing or loose?
  • Are chimney, valley, plumbing vent and skylight flashing in place and not rusted?
  • Are gutters and downspouts clogged with leaves and debris?
  • Are rain and ice collecting on spots on your roof?
  • Are attic vents and fans working?
  • Does the attic have any signs of roof leaks?
  • Is attic insulation in place?
  • Are there any water marks or peeling paint on your ceilings or walls?
  • Are there any leaks where the deck attaches to the house?

ProTek Construction Offers A Free Roof Inspection

Your roof protects your home and family from all types of weather every day of the year. That means it has to handle various weather systems and respond to the sun, heat, hail, wind, lightning, ice, and snow throughout each season. Call (331) 444-7380 to schedule a free roofing inspection from ProTek, your Naperville roofing contractor. We'll help you understand the condition of your home and roof and show you the signs to watch for that may indicate you need repair or maintenance. Preventative maintenance is the best way to stay ahead of the next weather system and keep your roof (and your home) in tip-top shape! Mention code SUN10 to receive 10% discount on any approved home exterior product.