The 3 Step Storm Restoration Process

How To Recover From Storm Damage In Illinois

The 3 Step Storm Restoration Process

The 3 Step Storm Restoration Process

Whether you live in an area that has dangerous spring storms and tornadoes, tropical hurricanes, or winter blizzards and ice, any home is susceptible to storm damage. While a hole in the roof from a falling tree may seem like obvious storm damage, a small roof leak and a humid attic could cause mold growth that could be just as detrimental in terms of storm restoration costs and a home cleaning would be quite neccesary. If you suspect your home has been damaged in a storm, it's important to act as quickly as possible to prevent more damage, mitigate the repair costs, and return your home to a safe place for your family.

1st Step - Evaluate Your Home's Damage With Careful Documentation

Storm damage restorationWhen it is safe to walk the inside and outside of your home, after the storm has passed, carefully assess your entire house for damage. Even if damage doesn't look bad - like a piece of siding you could reattach yourself - still take pictures and document it. If you have never filed a claim with your homeowners' insurance, know that they require extremely detailed documentation. Failure to provide detailed information leaves you at the mercy of the insurance adjuster and his assessment alone to determine your compensation. Unfortunately, your insurance company is hoping to pay you as little as possible. Many homeowners have even had their claim shorted so significantly that they were unable to make the repairs that would make their homes habitable again.

2nd Step - Schedule A Contractor To Assess The Damage

Having a reputable contractor evaluate your home's storm damage before filing a claim with your insurance company will give you a true estimate of what the repairs will cost. You can then use these figures to compare with the insurance adjuster's valuation and negotiate if necessary to ensure you're getting the maximum compensation needed to make repairs. Choose a local contractor that has been in business for a while and who has honest online reviews. Don't hesitate to ask for referrals, and if it would make you more comfortable, you can even request an estimator from the contractor be onsite when the insurance adjuster arrives. Many contractors are happy to oblige, especially if they're going to be working directly with your insurance company to complete the repairs and receive payment. It's in everyone's best interest that you receive a fair settlement that will cover all repairs. Once the contractor has assessed the damage, they will take temporary measures like putting a tarp over your roof, to protect your home until construction can begin.

3rd Step - Contact Your Homeowners' Insurance Company

Having detailed documentation and an estimate from a contractor before you file a claim will help keep your insurance company honest and help get you the most money possible. Depending on your contractor, they may have an established relationship with your insurance carrier and may offer to handle the claim for you. A lot of times this is easier for everyone and the process of repairs and payment can happen much more quickly. Storm damage is never something you want to deal with as a homeowner, but by following these three steps, the storm restoration process should go smoother, getting you and your family quickly and safely back in your home.

How To Recover From Storm Damage In Illinois

How To Recover From Storm Damage In Illinois

Illinois is known for its turbulent spring and winter storms, and Mother Nature is not selective when it comes to storm damage to your home. It might not always be as obvious as having half your roof violently ripped off; often, a slow, steady leak during the spring thaw can cause just as much damage. If your home has sustained storm damage, quick and decisive action is needed to protect your home and family and prevent further damage. Do these 3 things to recover from storm damage in Illinois.

Step 1 - Assess & Document The Damage

Once the storm has passed and it's safe to evaluate your home, carefully check the interior and exterior of your home for any damage. Take pictures and detailed notes documenting the damage, even if it seems minor. If you plan to file a claim with your homeowners' insurance, you will be required to submit very detailed information in order to get maximum compensation. storm restorationAn unfortunate reality is that your insurance company's goal is to get away with paying you the least amount of money as possible. In many cases, homeowners have been so shorted on their claims that they were financially unable to complete needed repairs to make their homes safe again.

Step 2 - Call A Reputable Local Contractor

Because not all insurance companies are as open with their purse strings as homeowners would like for them to be, it's often recommended you call a contractor to assess your storm damage before calling your insurance company. The contractor will give you the real cost to make the repairs, which you can compare with the insurance adjuster's estimate. Many contractors will even agree to have their estimator at your home when the adjuster comes to make sure you are getting a fair and accurate settlement that will cover all repairs in full. The contractor will then make any temporary repairs, such as tarping the roof, to keep the elements out until construction can begin.

Step 3 - File A Claim With Your Homeowners' Insurance

Or better yet, let your contractor handle it for you. A good local contractor has the experience and resources needed to negotiate with your insurance company, and can often handle the claim, do the work, and get paid directly by your insurance company, with little involvement from you. If you are forced to deal with your insurance company directly, be sure to have all your ducks in a row before you contact them. Document the damage personally and get a quote from a contractor well before an insurance adjuster ever steps foot on your property. The more knowledge you have, the better chance you have of maximizing your claim.

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