Should You Wait Until Summer For Roof Replacement?

Should You Wait Until Summer For Roof Replacement?

Should You Wait Until Summer For Roof Replacement?

If you're considering roof replacement, it's a common perception that you need to wait until summer to get the work done. In reality, a qualified, licensed roofing company can replace a roof year round, and you can usually get a much better deal in the offseason.

Are Summer And Fall the ONLY Seasons to Replace Your Roof?

There is good reason people assume roof replacements are done in the summer and early fall - because they typically are! Late summer and early fall are the most popular roofing seasons. This is because the weather is a bit cooler, drier and more predictable. Roofers are able to work quickly and Roof replacement services.comfortably and complete more projects in a shorter amount of time. However, there is a downside for homeowners who plan roof replacement in during the summer and fall months. First, because it's high-season, you may have to wait longer to get on a roofers schedule - sometimes several weeks or even months. Second, roofing suppliers raise prices in spring in preparation for the summer season, and contractors might pass those costs along to homeowners. Bottom line: you may be paying more and waiting longer in the summer to have a new roof.

Planning For Roof Replacement In The Offseason

Winter and early spring are considered the "offseason" for roofers. The cold, rain and snow slow the roofing process down, but by no means do they make it impossible. Shingle manufacturers provide specific instructions for contractors to install during cold weather months. Shingles do require thermal sealing in temperatures below 40 degrees, so the project could take several days or even weeks, but you won't pay any more and you should be guaranteed to get the same quality installation and warranty as you would in the summer. The biggest advantage for the homeowner is pricing is typically reduced in the winter. Not only are roofing supplies less expensive, but roofing companies prefer work year round and often run specials in the offseason. Best scenario when planning on a winter installation is to use shingles that have NOT been stored in freezing temperatures. If the shingles have been exposed too long to freezing temps, when the crew is nailing the shingles that are too cold, they will crack underneath on the back side which can cause a shingle to fail and leak.

Don't Settle For Subpar Work

The most important thing is scheduling the work on your time, with your contractor of choice, and during the time of year when you will get the best deal. If your roof gets blown off in a summer tornado, you may have no choice but to go with the first contractor who can get you on the schedule, and pay whatever the price is. However, if you notice that your roof is beginning to fail, the smart thing to do is schedule a consultation with a roof contractor so that they can assess the health of your roof and give you a timeline for replacement. If it's summer and you can safely wait for replacement until winter, you will be able to use the best contractor in town and still save money.

Partner With A Reliable Roofing Contractor

Especially after storms, it's not unusual to see fly-by-night contractors pop up and offer quick and affordable roof replacement. Beware that not using a reputable roofer could lead to subpar work and warranties not being honored. Most contractors offer warranties based on the manufacturer's product warranties. Make sure to check what type of labor warranty is provided by the contractor so if a problem does surface within 1-2 years of a cold weather installation, you do not have to pay again for shingle repair or replacement. ProTek Construction offers quality and value that ensures your roof replacement is up to the highest standards. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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